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It's like Super Friends
or Zack Snyder's Justice League, but with citations.

Into History is also a gathering of heroes, but our super-powers are primary source research and narrative storytelling. Our kryptonite, if we have such a thing, is the dull history you remember from high school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Representing some of the best from independent, passionate history creators, Into History gives you ad-free access to all these amazing podcasts:

  • 2 Complicated 4 History
  • American Elections: Wicked Game
  • American Criminal
  • American Revolution Podcast
  • Cold War Conversations
  • Her Half of History
  • History Daily
  • History That Doesn't Suck
  • QEZ
  • Shipwrecks and Sea Dogs
  • Southern Gothic
  • Wild West Extravaganza

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  • Merch discount (fall 2023)

Plus subscribers get all of the above and:

  • VIP Community forum with creator access
  • Podcaster AMA events (summer 2023)
  • Free pay-per-view and streaming event passes (fall 2023)
  • Exclusive content (fall 2023)

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