Stay in history?

Share our passion for cultural heritage experimentation

How about a stay in history?
Slipping back into the past,
And spending the night in another era,
In the heart of a building  brimming with the emotions of a bygone age?

intoHistory offers a selection of historical accommodation sites in Europe,
still retaining enough authenticity to enable their guests to indulge in a true period atmosphere !

stay in history in Belgium

Stay in history: an experience to enjoy with your five senses, your imagination… and all your feelings! © Château de Waleffe

Stay in History“For over thirty years I have really enjoyed spending nights in historic buildings, absorbing their atmosphere, rich in human experience. It is as if the venerable walls in a moment of tranquillity and peace allow us to share their historical vibrations, and enrich our emotionally-charged dreams of the era. Fired with this enthusiasm, I have let myself be locked away in many archaeological sites (not without risk), right in the centre of some protected monuments and age-old mansions … then there’s the joy of exploring original musical compositions, films and of course historical novels. Now the time has come to share my passion with all its subtle sensations with you, by suggesting some places to stay which still have foot in the past.”
Gery de Pierpont, founder of intoHistory

Encouraging the discovery of locations with a rich past which provide accommodation

stay in history in Britain

Stay in history in a medieval manor house? © Kirkby Thore Hall

  • by providing a choice of historic accommodation, hotels, inns, guest houses, B&B and vacation rental locations which still have their period charm to prospective travel buffs
  • by offering these guests various avenues to explore to enjoy the history of these locations in more depth
  • to heighten their “heritage experience” by highlighting the local places of interest, cultural or a craft-related, so they are motivated to “stay in history”.


On this site you will find

  • A choice of historic accommodation sites in Europe, with links to their respective Internet sites. These pages of illustrated descriptions contain plenty of suggestions to enable you to enjoy your stay to the full (history of the site, heritage importance, typical objects, experiences, games, books, music, films, local sites of interest, regional dishes …) as well as comments from guests.
  • Articles (posts) and interviews to enrich your search and discover new places to explore (+ video/audio clips).
  • Special offers and promotions (“Stay in History”).
Stay in history in Italy

Some guest rooms are located in genuinely ancient settings, such as in this troglodyte cave of Matera © Grotte della Civita

intoHistory is aimed primarily at history travel buffs: those who are curious about history (and stories) because they have acquired a keenness to discover cultural heritage, appreciate contact with those who maintain it in good condition and like to prepare their trip on their own (via internet search and reservation).

Stay in history in Britain

You can stay in history in a prestigious Pullman railway carriage of the 30s © Petworth Old Railway Station

intoHistory is a growing network of history and heritage buffs, property owners, heritage specialists, tourism actors, local guides and passionate cultural travellers. Why do not you join us and stay in history too? Just sign up to the newsletter and let you seduce by some inspiring period lodging (check out our Search page)!