We love romantic historic accommodation! Do you?

By Gery de Pierpont

Discover intoHistory's most romantic rooms...

Aren’t historic lodgings the essence of romance? I do believe so, because their comforting old walls they have resisted the test of time; because the warm tones of the period décor – waxed wood, terracotta flagstones, stone walls, and pastel renders – emphasise their intimacy; because so much of the art of another era that graces their walls evokes strong feelings. And not least because generations of men and women who have existed within, have lived through moments of great importance and, no doubt, of passionate love. Discover intoHistory’s romantic historic accommodation!

romantic historic accommodation

There are certain old places that seem to have been designed specially to foster affairs of the heart … (Hôtel Caron de Beaumarchais, Paris)

Add to the scene an open fire in the ancient hearth, a few candles in the copper candelabra, a fine old chivalric romance, and a bottle of that fermented brew beloved by our ancestors – and there we are, ready to speak our hearts, far away from the habitual hustle and bustle of our daily lives. But I almost forgot the music! There are certain old airs that are so moving they can carry us to the very heart of the ‘Map of Tendre’ (Land of Tendernesssee the HD version)!

romantic historic accommodation

Can you find where you are in the ‘Map of Tendre’? This allegorical topography represents the different stages in the journey of love as seen in France in the 17th century! (engraving by François Chauveau)

If you and your true love have already enjoyed a stay in a corner of history, you will know just how much period settings can inspire poetry and tenderness. The atmosphere of some romantic historic accommodation is conducive to fiery passions, while others will lend themselves to secrets, to romantic dreams, or to the steps of a dance …

romantic historic accommodation Malta

Some boutique rentals have been deliberately designed as true love nests by their owner, just as Indulgence Divine in the old capital of Malta

romantic historic accommodation

Photo shooting at Hôtel du Berger (Brussels)

Artists have long made use of historic settings to stage their stories or to give background to their models. Passion, romance and fantasy are marvellously rolled out in these vestiges of the past. They combine both the finer and fuller brushstrokes – a mysterious attic becomes a secret meeting place, a glimpse through an open-cage lift of the legs of a seductive unknown, the double doors to a drawingroom – in the space of a few seconds – a furtive kiss …


romantic historic accommodation Bologna

Among the most romantic historic accommodation sites of intoHistory, the Prendiparte Tower in Bologna is a true must-experience!

It is well known that daily habits and rituals can dull the edge of love – but you could allow that deep windowsill, or that old mirror in your getaway bathroom, or the four-poster bed with its fat pillows of goosedown feathers, to help you rekindle your former ardour – after that, it’s nobody’s business but your own!

Just dreaming about romantic historic accommodation …

If you were to treat yourself to an amorous sojourn – just the two of you, and ignoring price and travel – what room from the pages of intoHistory, would tempt you the most?

romantic historic accommodation

There is nothing like a little nostalgia to revive those loving feelings … © Ballyvolane House (Ireland)

You can start exploring from the ‘romantic’ tab in our search page (> ‘Themes’). However, this might not be your idea of a getaway for two; search a little further for the right kind of romantic historic accommodation in our selection under building type. Or perhaps it is a certain region or country that will take your fancy, not least because it will recall precious memories.

romantic historic accommodation

Italian charm © Corte della Maestà (Civita di Bagnoregio)

Let your heart rule your head and take a few minutes to escape into history – if only to say to yourself, ‘perhaps one day’ – just to dream a little … And if you plan a head to head travel in February, treat yourself to a St. Valentine’s night wrapped in the arms of History!

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Lucy Toninelli


Avrei voglia di scegliere come destinazione romantica la "Corte della Maestà" a Civita di Bagnoregio... mi piacciono i letti con il baldacchino e le tende da tirare tutto intorno, e poi vedo una splendida vasca da bagno, come non approfittarne per farsi un lungo bagno caldo insieme ?



La plus romantique des destinations sur intohistory? vraiment difficile de choisir! Toutes sont inspirantes! Mais il me semble que j'ai un faible pour la Pousada Convento dos Loios au Portugal. Ce monastère du 15e siècle me plait énormément. Un lieu à vivre pour une escapade en amoureux ;-)

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