Positive feedback for intoHistory

By Gery de Pierpont

intoHistory starts to get a place on the web

Developing a website such as intoHistory implies 1) to promote the “Staying in History” concept, 2) to convince the heritage accommodation owners to join the project and 3) to attract an increasingly broad audience of history travel buffs, at the same time. Three different jobs to run in parallel, each influencing the other. A challenging project, which will take several years to reach its cruising speed, given its qualitative and targeted approach to cultural tourism.


Where are we now, two and a half years after the launch of the site and its promotion to an ever growing circle of contacts? Some figures to measure the positive feedback:

These data are encouraging, and our future plans are promising, according to the positive feedback we get from history buffs, vintage housing owners and keys partners in cultural tourism. If you think this project deserves to reach a broader public, please help us promote it among your friends, encouraging them to sign up for the newsletter or to like it on social media (see hereunder), for example. Your support is precious!

Updated on September 28th, 2016


Bonne idée Audrey ! Merci pour la suggestion.
intoHistory a déjà quelques partenaires avec lesquels il entretien des relations d'échange, mais rien de très structuré encore ;-)
En tout cas, chapeau pour la qualité des photos de Dream Travel Shoot ! On voit que vous avec du métier dans les arts graphiques !



Faîtes des partenariats avec des bloggers... ^^

Congratulations, Gery -- you've come a long way in a relatively short time, and made a big impression on social media too. This momentum will just keep growing. Good luck in 2015!

Antonio Grillo


History is the teacher of life. Great design and great idea. I follow you with pleasure

Lucy Blenkinsop


Great site, a must for the authentic history lover!
Will be a never ending 'labour of love' - but what a joy!
Brilliantly conceived idea!

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