Marc Robben

Correspondent for intoHistory

LIMBURG (Belgium)

An architect and keen history buff, Marc Robben is particularly interested in the historic ‘property portfolio’ of the County of Looz  (Graafschap Loon). He is a specialist in expressions of piety and superstition (such as  marks by individual workers and other symbols) left by masons on brick frontages in the North of Europe. He is also interested in the work of smiths, carpenters and other lowly workers … which reflect popular beliefs. Marc Robben is also interested in a phenomenon unique to Campine, the apparition as the end of the 16th century of the  «boerenschansen» – these territories fortified by high embankments and deep ditches, enabling people to take refuge from the pillaging raids of passing marauding armies.

Marc Robben is also the creator of an internet site:

Guided visits in French, English and Dutch.

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