into History?

Tune into the atmosphere of an historic building by spending the night there!

Udine - Castello di Strassoldo

The subtle pleasure of taking time out . . . into the past! © Udine – Castello di Strassoldo

Have you already spent ‘a night in history’?
The kind of place where you wake up thinking you have slipped back into another era?
Ensconced in the heart of a building brimming with the almost palpable emotions of a bygone age?

This is exactly what “intoHistory” gives you the chance to do!


© Château de Gérigny (Burgundy)

Go back in time in body and soul?  Rational thinkers will tell you this is quite impossible. And yet, scattered around Europe is the odd hotel, inn, guest house, B&B or vacation rental where this get-away-from-it-all ambiance can still be enjoyed.

Edifices which have almost been forgotten in time and space, but still retain enough charm to captivate you with their history and draw you into another reality.

This is particularly true if you take time to dip into their old volumes, admire their decor and have a true appreciation of how the place has been furnished. Running your fingertips along the patina of a wall, the slight creak of a staircase, a lingering smell of floor polish … all these appeal to the senses… And raise some questions as well, sometimes. A tactile exploration which comes into its own in silence, cloaked in mystery at night, when the old stone walls and centuries-old beams seem on the verge of recounting fleeting moments of history they have witnessed…

Discover a unique selection of historical accommodation sites!

Gasthof zum alten Moar - Neustift (Austria)

© Gasthof zum alten Moar – Neustift (Austria)

To help you prepare your ‘historical immersion’, the site presents targeted information on the history of these old mansions and the celebrities who lived there. It offers you eye witness accounts and interviews as well as original exploration themes. There are suggested novels to read, films to see and music to enjoy, easing you gently into the atmosphere of the region or historical period. And don’t forget all the historic places of interest to discover in the area, local specialities and anecdotes to fire your imagination…

Hotel Kapsaliana Rethymnon - Creta

(c) Hotel Kapsaliana Rethymnon – Creta

Treat yourself and select a historical destination for your next trip! Join the ‘intoHistory’ website and take advantage of its special offers. Go on, spoil yourselves and go off the beaten track – then share your experiences here.

Gery de Pierpont