Interesting links

Here is a selection of websites that will help you to deepen your passion for history and your experience of heritage. There are many others such internet sites: do not hesitate to send the URL of those who have caught your attention.

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About History

The History Blog

Livius blog, created in 2006 already, displays thousands of articles on a wide variety of historical subjects. The community of passionate readers who have subscribed to its posts interacts in a very interesting way. A reference blog, unquestionably, a.o. for any topic related to ancient and medieval Europe.

A World History Encyclopedia

Tim Lambert is a British Historian who decided to write abstracts about the history of lots of different countries. His researches lead him to publish in parallel lots of short posts about all kind of history-related topics.

Very popular forum about History with thousands of threads and millions of posts. Definitely worth a visit.

World Historia

Another interesting forum regarding historical topics all over the globe.


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About Heritage and Cultural Tourism

Voices of the Past

Hundreds of posts and radio podcasts about cultural heritage, archaeology and historic preservation around the world. Jeff Guin started blogging, podcasting and social media-ing here in 2008. This site’s purpose is to empower people to discover the rewards of internalizing and sharing history through digital outreach tools.

Historvius, Mapping History

Interesting attemp to locate historical and cultural landmarks of the world by mapping them on zoomable maps. Queries and thematic search allow visitors to identify lots of hidden points of interest. More and more locations (with practical information, pictures and comments) are added, thanks to a growing community of followers.


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About Historical Accommodation Places

HistoricStay is a presentation of select historic lodging accommodations in the US, including bed & breakfasts, inns, hotels and lodges worldwide. Historic lodging facilities (Stays) are demonstrably significant to world history with respect to their architecture, engineering, archeology or culture, as well as their location, design, materials, workmanship, feeling or association. Historic bed & breakfasts, inns, hotels and lodges offer travelers a truly unique and memorable lodging experience.


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Historical books

GoodReads – European History Books

Listing of historical books, commented by many readers, about specific eras, regions, myths and historical characters of the European continent.

Mistral and Noroît, cultural tours and lectures

Conservateur général du patrimoine (heritage senior official) and Head of ProjectLivre et lecture” (Book and reading) at Lille Métropole (France), Catherine Dhérent is passionate about history and literature. The cultural tours and lectures she offers are enriched with litterary excerpts chosen with particular care for their intimate connection with the visited sites.


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About Travel Blogs

The Travelling Boomer

Paul Marshman decided to go and travel around the globe after retiring. His blog, full of precious tips, features Nice forum where over-50 travellers can share their experiences, opinions, news and the odd bargain with others who share their desire to see the world.

Globalmouse Travel

The best family friendly and child approved experiences and holidays in the UK and abroad. It is the ultimate parent’s guide full of reviews to inspire far-flung travel, weekends away and day trips. Packed with tips, trips and inspiration.