Appreciation criteria

On what appreciation criteria does intoHistory base its selection?

Historic/heritage dimension

Tentative list, to be interpreted on a case by case basis:

  • age of the building (at least two generations old),
  • state of preservation of its “historic substance“, exterior and interior: proportions and period materials, traditional construction and decoration techniques (particular emphasis on window bays, floors and ceilings, plasterwork, tiling, doors and frames, stucco decor, lamps and wall lighting…),
  • sober restoration work, respecting the recommendations of specialists from the Historic Monuments and Sites Department (where appropriate),
  • the quality of the interior layout and furnishing, respecting the original atmosphere (particularly the lighting),
  • general uniformity of style,
  • the discreet presentation of essential modern facilities (electricity, running water, heating, WCs and bathrooms, emergency exits and signs, fire extinguishers, alarm systems …) and modern tourist facilities (lobby, swimming pool, veranda, fitness room, spa, meeting room, bar, car park…),
  • as far away as possible from the bustle of modern life so one can enjoy the slower pace of the past (where possible),
  • the enthusiasm of those in charge (owners, managers, welcome staff) for the history of their accommodation and region (”heritage transmitters”).

The quality of the accommodation

The accommodation sites presented on the intoHistory website do respect the minimum standards of modern tourism (in terms of welcome, safety, hygiene and cleanliness standards, quality of food provided, communications, and accessibility…).

However, the availability of additional comfort amenities (restaurant, en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, double glazing, vista, telephone, private parking area, room service …) will not be on the top of the list of priorities for intoHistory, focussing primarily on the ability of each location to create an historical dimension.

Those historic accommodation that lay greater emphasis on their authenticity as a heritage site, perhaps neglecting a certain comfort will be clearly defined as such, to avoid any disappointment among their guests.

Visitor satisfaction as regards the overall management of the establishment is important. Those sites that receive negative comments will be inspected more thoroughly.

Chateau du Pont d Oye

Chateau du Pont d’Oye (Belgium)

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